About journal

The official journal of the State Institution of the Health Care in Sverdlovsk Region “Childs Clinical Hospital of Reparative Treatment “Scientific-Practical Center “Bonum” ” (SIHC “Bonum”) is a peer-reviewed publication whose purpose is to strengthen the research and educational base for improvement  of the Health Care Quality governing at the Russian Hospitals using the last achievements of Information and Organization Technologies, Clinical Practice, Psychology and Sociology.

Content areas include the Health Care organization policy and health economics, the improvement of patients-physicians communications using Information Technologies and Compunetics. The journal provides an active forum for researchers, practicing professionals, medical students. The journal emphasizes important research relating to the quality of health care and the organization of child health services. It also includes important methodological papers to aid research in child health policy and implementation of the last achievements of technologies into the Clinical Practice.

The journal is registered in Federal Agency for the Supervision of Mass Media, Telecommunications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage as scientific publication materials: «System Integration in Health Care: Electronic Scientific Journal » 

Registration certificate: El of № FS 77-32479 Date 09.06.2008. It is registered in STC “Informregister” of the Federal Agensy for Supervision in the Sphere of Connection, Information Technologies and Mass Communications as the electronic scientific publication “System Integration in Health Care: Electronic Scientific Journal”.

The last number of the State  registration - 0421200088. Registration certificate №489. Date 21/09/2011. International Standard Serial Number (ISSN ) - 1997-3276.

The main aim of the Journal is the publication of the new scientific and practical results of researches, the overviews of the scientific and methodological works for the interests of wide circle of the researches in the field of Health Care organization and Clinical Practice Governance, Medical Care Quality, as well as for the clinicians in pediatrics, reconstructive and plastic surgery and in other fields of  Clinical Practice. The results published in the journal may be done in the field of clinical medicine, medical informatics, Health Care organization, telemedicine.

Address:  SPC “Bonum”, Ac.Bardin str., building 9-a, 620149 Russia, Ekaterinburg