Risk’s factors and features of the early neonatal period at children born from mothers with the syndrome of the reproductive losses

One of the actual problems of modern perinatology has still preventive maintenance of the reproductive losses (RL). A syndrome of reproductive losses is characterized by a repeating spontaneous stops of the development of a pregnancy. The reasons leading to the RL are extremely. The purpose of the research is to study structure of a syndrome of a pregnancy loss and to estimate pathogenetic interrelation of that pathology with current of syndromes and diseases of the newborns in early neonatal period. We had been studied the anamnesis of current of pregnancy and sorts, variants of the pathologies of the women with RL and the features of current of the early neonatal period of their children. In overwhelming majority the presence of the body’s pathology is diagnosed for women with habitual pregnancy loss. More than half of the women with RL has attributes of the trombophilic disease. Adaptations and current of the pathological conditions of the early neonatal period occurs stronger at children from mothers with RL. It’s necessary to develop the algorithms of the diagnostics and treatment of the given pathology.

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