Model of organization orthodontic treatment to the patient with gnathic–form class III malocclusion

According to contemporary literature in patients with class III malocclusion of allages, the gnathic anomalies are increasing number. These changes are due to late diagnosis and referral, lack of free treatment for children, as well as the lack of a treatment system for this category of patients. The aim of our study was to develop an innovative model of organization the treatment of gnathic–form class III malocclusion patients of different ages. The novelty of the proposed model is defined in the introduction of the original methods of diagnosis and treatment in different age periods. Improvement of the organization of orthodontic treatment of gnathic–form class III malocclusion patients will contribute to the development of diagnostics and treatment technologies. This will ensure the protection of patients' health and their social adaptation and improve the quality of life at different age groups. The article presents the results of the trial operation of the model, which confirms the viability and feasibility of use in dental science and practice.

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