Surgical rehabilitation complementarities development in the presence of birth facial deformities as a trend of pediatrics cosmetology

The theoretical and practical grounding of pediatrics cosmetology development as a certain trend of surgical aid complementarities in case of birth facial deformities in the children are introduced. The clinical and functional algorithm of inter-disciplinary approach to surgical rehabilitation of pediatrics patients is proved. The complex index of the quality of external facial defects repair is determined and analysis of patients’ and their parents’ satisfaction with the tactics of treatment and rehabilitation measures is performed. Multidisciplinary assessment of rehabilitation results is confirmed by the long-term experience of surgical and cosmetology aid to children with birth non-cancerous vascular tumors of maxillo-facial area. The complex rehabilitation model based on case follow-up of the children with birth facial deformities, aimed to obtain optimal clinical, functional, aesthetic and psycho emotional results, is suggested.

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